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Pocket Money

Pocket Money and Kids

The concept of pocket money has always been present in parents-children relationship. In modern day society, it has acquired even more acceptable form. Here, what needs to be taken care of is the fact that parents need to be very careful about what they are giving to their child. Is the amount suffi...
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Identify Child’s Goals

Success is defined by the pursuit of a single goal with relentless dedication and complete focus. Parents, of course want to see their children touch the pinnacle of success. But for that, they need to Identify Child’s Goals. Children show promise in a particular field since very beginning. In tod...
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Reading Habit

Inculcating Reading Habit

If you want to gift your children something real precious then think of reading habit. I can be a lifetime gift that your children are going to cherish forever. They say, there are thousand ways to nurture and mould a child’s mind and none better than reading. There are several ways of media and c...
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