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Depression In Teenagers – A Growing Problem

Is it that you are a father/mother of a teenager? Do you often find your teenage child acting irrationally or confused?If yes, then is it that you find your teenage child very depressed often than not? Depression In Teenagers are quite common here are few tips to help you. Teenagers are at a stage ...
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Manage Peer Pressure

Guide the Child to Manage Peer Pressure

As children grow up, they want themselves to be completely accepted by their parents, society, siblings, relatives and friends. They try to meet everyone’s expectations. This creates a lot of stress and tensions within their mind. Children during their pre-teens and teens make a lot of effort ...
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Teenage Child

Effectively Communicating with Teenage Child!

Teenagers can be found ridiculously confused at times. Thats’ because they go through a phase of peer, family and academic pressure. They are into a stage when they go through tremendous physiological and psychological changes, and they are slowly and steadily transforming into young adults. I...
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